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Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are available at Beauty by Relax and Play (with 3 different extension options to suit your requirements available).

Caring for your lash extensions

Preparing for extensions

If your treatment includes eyelash extensions, prior to coming to the salon, please (1) remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes (ideally with oil free make up remover); (2) do not moisturise prior to the treatment; and (3) remove any contact lenses you wear.

After care

Eyelash extensions should be kept dry for 24 hours after application. After you receive extensions at our salon you need to keep in mind that many makeup removers and face cleansers have products in them which can cause extensions to fall our prematurely. It is important when cleaning your lashes to only use lash extension safe products. Ideally you would clean your lashes with safe products each day (which can be done as part of your daily shower routine). You can use your finger tips or a lash brush with your lash cleanser (and brushing with a mascara wand (but not mascara) will also help clean your lashes).


Brow waxing and shaping are available at Beauty by Relax and Play.

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